Ren in Drug Education
April 23, 2020

What Exactly is Khat?

There are so many different drugs out there, it can seem difficult to keep track of them all. What exactly is the khat drug, and what kind of risk does it pose to American families?


Ren in Drug-Related News
September 23, 2018

When Young People Abuse Drugs, Risk Factors for Dementia Increase

The amazing tool that is science has done so much for us. Science has helped and continues to help us learn more about things, it helps us improve our quality of living and longevity of life, it helps us take more responsibility for our planet and our condition, etc.


Ren in Opioid Crisis
August 17, 2018

When the Opioid Crisis was Declared a National Public Health Emergency and What Led Up to That

At this point, few are unaware of the fact that the United States is struggling with a pretty terrible opioid epidemic. This has easily been the most problematic and difficult drug problem of them all, a crippling crisis that has caused endless , almost incalculable devastation across the nation.