The Narrow Viewpoint of the Legalization of Marijuana

US flag with marijuana symbols
(Photo by Rena Schild/

The main problem I see here is that people proposing the legalization of Marijuana have a narrow viewpoint. I am writing this because I have a broader one. To begin with, I have a bi-national point of view. I have seen this drug both in Mexico and in the United States. I was born in Texas but I grew up in Mexico. I had to self-deport when I was 17, but I learned the language and the culture very well.

My first encounter with the drug was when I was about 3 years old. My house was next to my father’s service station. He had a booming business. Across the street were the tenements for the poor.

I was looking across the street one foggy morning and I saw about 6 older guys squatting on a circle, laughing stupidly. My mom came to my side and I asked her: “Mom, what are they doing?” “They are smoking marijuana,” she answered.

That was an image I would never forget. My side of the street: prosperity, coziness, caring mom. Across the street: poverty, stupidity, marijuana.

For centuries, marijuana has been legal in Mexico. It grows wild. And the main consumers were the poor. These were the times that when people were born poor, they died poor. The rich had their balls, travel, theater, concerts. The poor had their marijuana. There was no money to be made making it illegal. The poor could not pay any fines. And if incarcerated, the government would have to pay their room and board. Not a good business. So they would let them smoke it.

But for the rich, this was actually advantageous. Marijuana seemed to kill ambition, and it kept the poor poor and “happy” for centuries. Good deal.

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